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Selling a property is a significant life decision, and ensuring you get the best possible price is very important. That’s where we can help, with over 30 years of property sales experience across Bournemouth, our team will give you an accurate property valuation that matches the current markets and ensures you get the best out of your property.


We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you make informed decisions that maximise your property’s value. Remember, with Roberts, you’re not just getting a valuation; you’re getting local expertise, unwavering accuracy, and a commitment to your property’s success.


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Sales Property Valuations

Ensure accurate price positioning and sell your property faster and for the best price.

Our experienced team will complete a comprehensive assessment of the property and its unique features, comparing it to a variety of factors, from market conditions to location. Using data insights and our years of experience we can accurately determine the best price for your property.


Avoid underselling and receive your property’s full market value.

There are many ways to improve the appeal of your property besides solely dropping its price to increase interest. By aiming to avoid underselling, we safeguard your investment and ensure that you capitalise on its true value, providing you with peace of mind throughout the sales process.


Attract qualified buyers with realistic pricing.

Our sales team focus on setting accurate prices that align with the current market, adjusting buyer expectations to reality, and putting your property as an attractive option for serious potential buyers.


Make informed choices throughout the selling process.

Our Sales team have access to detailed market analyses, comparable sales data and local insights, guiding you throughout the process, so you are not only informed but can make smarter decisions. Navigate the selling of your home with confidence with Roberts.


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Lettings Property Valuations

Maximise your rental income and know the optimal rent to attract quality tenants.

By analysing market trends, demand, and comparable rental properties in the area, we can accurately determine the optimal rental price that can potentially maximise your income and attract reliable tenants.
Informed decision-making

Knowledge is power when it comes to property letting. Our Lettings Valuations service provides you with valuable insights into your property’s market position, allowing you to make informed decisions about pricing, marketing strategies, and tenant selection.
Leverage our deep understanding of Bournemouth’s rental market.
As a trusted authority in Bournemouth’s real estate market, Roberts offers unparalleled local expertise and insight into the city’s rental landscape.
Realistic rental prices
While some competitors may artificially inflate rental asking prices to win instructions, we prioritise transparency and integrity in our valuation approach. By avoiding inflated prices, we safeguard landlords from the pitfalls of extended vacancy periods and potential financial losses.  Overpricing a property could cause it to be empty for a while and therefore landlords run the risk of losing a month or more rent until it is reduced to a market value.

How You Can Benefit Choosing Roberts?

Qualified and experienced valuers

Whether it’s sales, lettings, or block management, you can trust that your valuation will be conducted with precision, Robert’s have over 30 years of sales experience you can leverage.


Diverse range of valuation services

Whether you’re looking for sales valuations, lettings valuations, or block management assessments, we have the expertise and resources to deliver accurate and reliable valuations across various sectors of the real estate market.


Excellent customer service

At Roberts, we prioritise the satisfaction of our clients above all else. From the moment you engage with us for your valuation needs, you’ll experience our commitment to excellence in customer service with over 170+ 5 Star Google Reviews.

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Local Experts with 30 Years Experience

With Roberts, you benefit from our deep-rooted understanding of the local market, using our property appraisals in Bournemouth. Our knowledge extends beyond data analysis; it encompasses insights into community dynamics, rental trends, and buyer preferences, are more than happy to speak with you and advise on a no-obligation basis.

A house valuation typically includes a property inspection, comparable market analysis, assessment of local market trends, consideration of property improvements, location factors, and compliance with legal regulations

  • Online valuations can provide quick estimates but may lack accuracy due to limited data and lack of human judgment. Professional valuations by experienced valuers are generally more reliable.
  • It’s recommended to get a house valuation when buying or selling a property, refinancing a mortgage, or making significant renovations. Additionally, regular valuations can help track changes in your property’s value over time.

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