How to Find Houses for Sale in Bournemouth


Moving house in an exciting part of anyone’s journey, whether you are thinking of moving to Bournemouth or if you are local looking to move home, it’s essential to approach the process with planning and strategy. Defining priorities and budgets whilst choosing the best estate / letting agent in Bournemouth to meet your needs, this blog aims to help you through the process, allowing you to make a more informed decision when it comes to looking at houses for sale in Bournemouth


Define Your Priorities

An obvious but essential first step before house hunting is defining the non-negotiables when finding a new home. Whether it is a south facing garden, the size of the property, the number of bedrooms or any specific additions you can’t compromise on (like a home office space or spacious kitchen), make it clear what you are willing to compromise and not compromise on.


Set a Realistic Budget

Your budget has to not only reflect the purchase price but also the ongoing costs of the property (for example, upkeep of a swimming pool or large garden). Calculating your affordability based on income, savings, the selling price of your current home and any existing financial commitments. Expenses like mortgage rates, down payment requirements, stamp duty and utilities will all have an impact, it’s also ideal to leave some financial buffer for any unexpected expenses. This is why getting an accurate property valuation is vital so you can get a fair price for your property, you can learn more about getting a property valuation here.


Research Neighbourhoods

Bournemouth has a wide range of neighbourhoods each with its own character and advantages. Alum Chine, for example, is known for its proximity to the beach and beautiful parks, while Throop offers a more suburban setting with good schools. Talbot Woods might appeal to those looking for a tranquil, green environment, whilst Charminster is bustling with a diverse range of restaurants and shops. Consider your lifestyle needs, such as commute times, access to schools and healthcare and leisure facilities when choosing a neighbourhood. The beauty of Bournemouth is that you are always no less than 30 minutes to the seafront, with the beaches and cliffs there for walks and days out.


Work with a Local Estate Agent

Choose an estate agent with years of experience in the area, by engaging with an estate agent in Bournemouth who knows the area and market well, you ensure you get valuable insights into property trends and new developments to help you navigate the buying process smoothly. By searching recent reviews, checking social media and choosing someone who understands your needs, you can feel guided through the process of finding houses for sale in Bournemouth.


Consider Future Growth

Mentioning long term goals, and investigating future development plans and infrastructure projects in the neighbourhoods you’re interested in can be important. A local estate agent should be aware of how new developments can impact property values positively or negatively, and consider how they might affect traffic patterns and noise levels.


Understand the Buying Process

Familiarise yourself with the legal and financial aspects of buying a property in Bournemouth. Your estate agent should keep you in the loop at all times, finding adequate properties, and helping you secure the property for a fair price and the extra costs involved (fees etc). 


Negotiate Wisely

When you find a property that ticks most of your boxes, work with your estate agent to negotiate a fair price. Influences can be market trends, comparable property prices, and any specific conditions or contingencies you need in the purchase agreement.


Stay Patient and Persistent

Finding the right home can take time, especially in a competitive market like Bournemouth. Stay patient, keep an eye on new listings, and be ready to act swiftly when you find a property that matches your criteria. Don’t rush into a decision out of desperation; the right home is worth the wait.


Why Purchase a Home in Bournemouth?

As a local sales and lettings agent, Roberts has been selling properties in Bournemouth for over 20 years. As such, we understand the benefits of Bournemouth, with its coastal charm and stunning beaches, Bournemouth caters to various lifestyles. For families looking for quality schools, plenty of activities and urban districts to individuals looking to complete their studies in a youth-friendly area, Bournemouth has a variety of areas suited for it all.

With a mild climate and a range of outdoor recreational opportunities, Bournemouth appeals to those seeking a balanced, high-quality lifestyle in a beautiful seaside setting.



In summary, finding houses for sale in Bournemouth can be a challenge, with different areas appealing to different requirements. Therefore, finding a letting/sales agent who can guide you through the process is paramount in importance. To find properties in Bournemouth, browse our lettings and sales pages, or come and pop into the office and speak to one of our estate agents in person and we can help you.