Electrical Safety Regulations

In the last couple few Government Budgets and Annual Statements have introduced a series of legislation changes and issues that will affect and put pressure on our Landlord customers.  We feel that there are several matters that will come into force in the next 12 to 24 months that we need you to be made aware of and this series of short emails are designed to make sure you a fully aware of how the industry and you as property owners will be affected.

Electrical Safety Regulations Lettings agents will soon have to complete electrical checks on all rented properties they manage. The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 are expected to become law on 1st April this year. 

Landlords and agents will have to ensure that electrical installations are tested by a qualified person. For new tenancies this will be at the beginning of the tenancy and then every five years. For existing tenancies, the properties will have to be checked by 1st April 2021 and then every five years. A copy of the electrical safety report produced following the inspection will have to be supplied to tenants. The penalty for non-compliance will be £30,000.

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Private landlords, like yourself, play an important role in the rental market and it is important that we pay attention to the challenges they sometimes face.   If the above has got you thinking, or if there were other unrelated questions you might have, then pop into our Charminster office or call us on 01202 565758 and we’d be pleased to help you to let and manage your properties.

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