Hope for Food Charity Food Donations December 2022

Help for Food Charity Food Donations December 2022

Our office is open 9am-5pm weekdays


Our address is – 158 Charminster Road, BH8 8UU


The Staff at Roberts are collecting food donations this week to support the Hope for Food collections being organised by Bournemouth School. We feel this is a very worthwhile cause and we want to follow our trend and ethos of giving back to the community whenever possible. Bournemouth school has given us a unique opportunity to help our local community with food, especially in the times we are currently facing, with sky-high living costs and an energy crisis. If you are interested in supporting the local community, please get in contact to see how you can assist. Alternatively, if anyone or any of your friends, neighbours, customers and contractors would like to drop in some contributions over the next few days we will arrange to deliver your donations to Bournemouth School on Wednesday 14th December. We will take the responsibility of delivering the goods directly to the school because we appreciate that not everybody has the time or availability to do this themselves, and it allows us to enable even more donations by offering some flexibility for those people. So, if you are interested in donating some food to support the Hope for Food charity, please drop in with some food or get in contact before the 14th of December!


The Hope for Food Charity is a local charity based in Bournemouth set up and run entirely by volunteers. The charity was founded by Claire Matthews in 2012 and has continued its acts of kindness throughout the community ever since then. Their main focus was and still is to provide life’s basics like food, shelter, warmth and other necessities to people in need on a day-to-day basis, with the intention of helping people in the current economic climate. This need has ramped up expeditiously with the recent energy and cost of living crises affecting not just our community but the whole nation.


In response, Hope for Food has been working tirelessly to fight this uphill battle and help the real people affected by the crises and a part of that is this food donation drive. So, if you have any time spare to help out or any food to donate, please drop into our offices and leave some donations that we will deliver to Bournemouth school on the 14th of December. Our offices are located at 158 Charminster Road, BH8 8UU and our office is open 9am-5pm on weekdays. Thank you for your time and we welcome any food donations to support the Hope for Food collections!

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